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The Oklahoma State University Library Information Literacy web pages have gathered together many of the most useful online resources for both faculty and students.

Finding Information

These web pages are designed to assist you in helping your students develop the skills they need to satisfy the research and writing components for your courses. By working through these pages, students will learn how to locate books and articles on specific subjects in the OSU Library. The pages will teach them how to use the online catalog, provide them access to the various electronic indexes and journals, and teach them how to explore the possibilities of the Web. Please direct your students to these pages when an assignment involves the use of the library or library resources.

Research Assistance

  • The OSU Library Catalog is a searchable database of the resources available at the OSU Library. It includes entries for books, journals, maps, databases, videos, etc. that are at the Stillwater campus libraries. Please remember that in a library catalog you are searching to see if the library has a book, but can not search the contents of the book. You are searching to see if the library subscribes to the journal, but you can not search for specific articles. Refer to the online tutorial or ask your subject specialist librarian for a general orientation or assistance with specific questions.
  • The Electronic Indexes and Databases List includes alphabetic and subject listings for the indexes and databases available via the Internet and CD-ROM to the OSU community. Resources formerly available through the CD-ROM network have been upgraded to Internet access. A few resources are available on stand-alone CD-ROM terminals on the Second Floor floor of the library.
  • The Full-Text Periodical Titles and Coverage List provides a title list in alphabetic order of the online periodicals to which the library subscribes. The dates of coverage for each and a link to the periodical is provided. Please look carefully at the dates covered information. Some titles are part of retrospective projects and include coverage from volume 1 issue 1 to within but not including a few years of the present. Some titles have only recent coverage. Where we can, we provide a link directly to the journal homepage. Other links are to the database which includes the full-text coverage. Also, the electronic format of the periodical varies. Some titles are in html, some are in pdf, and some are in both.
  • The OSU Library Academic Department Online Resources List provides quick links to the most frequently used electronic journals and indexes and library news tidbits for each academic department.

How do I . . . ?

  • look at my library account to see what I have checked out and when it is due? (Your Library Records)
  • extend the length of time that I may keep items that I have checked out? (Your Library Records)
  • request to use an item that someone else already has checked out? (Recall Form)
  • ask the library to buy a particular item? (Purchase Request)

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Last Updated: 1 Sept 2009