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Digital Library Services (DLS) staff can provide information and support for faculty with questions concerning remote access to Library resources and services, including bibliographic and full-text periodical databases.

DLS will work with faculty teaching distance education courses to ensure that their students have access to library resources appropriate to a given course, including:

DLS maintains a variety of web-based tutorials on using Library resources, and will work with faculty to develop library instruction materials for individual distance education courses.

Faculty teaching distance education courses should contact the DLS office for assistance in establishing appropriate links to Library resources and services from course materials and web pages.

DLS librarians are available for in-person and technologically delivered instruction sessions, as well as inclusion within your online course. Please contact the DLS office to discuss arranging these services.

Contact DLS

Nicole Sump-Crethar, Interm Digital Initiatives Head
Roy Degler, Librarian
David Thompson, Library Coordinator
Sean Fortney, Library Coordinator
Brandon Boyles, Senior Library Technician 1

Phone & Email
Telephone: 405-744-9161
FAX: 405-744-7579
Email: lib-dls@okstate.edu

Mailing Address
Digital Library Services
Edmon Low Library
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078-1071