Oklahoma State University

OSU Library Lost & Found Policy

The OSU Library Lost & Found is located in the Dean’s Office on the 2nd floor of the Library. You can reach the Dean’s Office by phone at 405-744-6322, or via email at lib-pub@okstate.edu.

Found Items

Items found in the Library are taken to the Dean’s Office, where they are tagged with the current date and entered into the Lost & Found logbook. If an item has any identifying information (student IDs, books or notebooks with names written in them, wallets, purses, etc.), the Dean’s Office attempts to contact the owner via phone or campus email. Found items are kept for approximately 3 months in the Dean’s Office. After this time, if the materials have not been claimed, they are discarded.

Lost Items

If you wish to report an item lost, you can do so by visiting 216 Library, calling 405-744-6322, or emailing lib-pub@okstate.edu. Please include a specific description of what was lost, along with your name, phone number, and/or email address. This information will be entered into the Lost & Found logbook. As items are turned into the Lost & Found and cleaned out of the Lost & Found collection, they are compared against the list of what has been reported lost. If items in the logbook match the materials turned in, the owner is notified via phone or email.

Presumed Stolen

If you believe you have had items stolen from you in the library, go to the North Door and report it to the Security
personnel on duty there. They will help you contact the OSU Police to file a report.

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