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Frequently Asked Questions

The OSU Library strives to create the best possible environment for research and study. We welcome any suggestions and opinions that will help us reach this goal.

We've gathered many of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) together for you. Please take a look -- you may find your concern has already been addressed.

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Why is one place in the Library so hot when other areas of the building are cool?
Each floor of the Library has several zones that are regulated separately without affecting other areas in the Library. In extreme instances, the entire building may be affected due to an equipment breakdown but rest assured that physical plant personnel will be working to correct the problem. It is important to us that our patrons and staff are comfortable while studying or working here. If you are experiencing a problem with the temperature of the building, please let us know immediately. You can contact someone at the Circulation Desk on first floor center (4-6812) or at the Information Desk on first floor, north center (4-9775). Please make sure you let us know which area you are referring to so Physical Plant personnel can make the correct adjustments.

What is the Library's mailing address?
Our mailing address is:

Edmon Low Library
216 Library
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078-1071

Don't worry about a mailing or shipping service not delivering to us -- they all visit us several times a day, so your package or letter will arrive with no problems.

Has anyone ever seen any ghosts in the Library?
Rumor has it that there have been sightings but everyone knows there are no such things as ghosts, right? The only way you can know for sure is to spend some time in our great facilities and see for yourself. If you see one, let us know!

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Computers & Phones

What programs are available on the Library's computers?
There are several computers near the Reference & Information Desk that are intended for Library catalog and database access. All other public workstations on the Library's first floor are equipped with MS Office and Internet access, among other programs. The Library also offers more than 100 laptop computers for students to check out. These laptops have much the same software as the other Student Tech Fee labs around campus. Stop by the Laptop Desk on first floor to find out more.

Can't the Library do something about those darned cell phones and the noise people make using them?
We ask that you turn the ringer or the phone off while you are in the building and restrict the use of cell phones to the high traffic areas on first and second floors, near photocopiers and in group study areas. If you are disturbed by another visitor violating the cell phone policy, you may report this to library employees on the first floor.

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Food & Drink

Can I bring a snack to enjoy while I study at the Library?
As a service to our patrons, we allow small food items, such as candy bars, snacks and drinks in securely covered containers such as bottled soda and water.

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How do I get value added to a copy card?
It's easy! Just go to the value adder, located outside Room 105; you can add any amount in one dollar increments up to $20. The staff at the Circulation Desk keeps cash on hand if you need difference denominations of bills when adding value to your card.

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How can I find out what times the library is open?
Call our Hours Line at 405-744-5029 or visit http://www.library.okstate.edu/services/hours.htm for the latest hours of operation. Hours are also posted near each door.

Are there any quiet/group study areas in the Library?
The Library's six floors are designated Silent Study (no talking), Quiet Study (low voices), and Group Study (where conversation is allowed). Check the maps at the entrance to each floor to determine how it is designated.

Why does the Library have employees sitting at the doors counting people?
Door counts, as well as other data we collect, are tools we use to help us form plans to improve our services for you.

This place is really big... how can I find anything?
Please come to the first floor, north side. There is someone at the Information Desk to help you almost every hour the Library is open. The Edmon Low Library is large and can seem confusing at first, but that's why the staff and librarians are here. If you need help, just find someone with a name tag on. If they aren't the right person, they will get you to the person you need.

The catalog says this book/journal is "Not Checked Out," but when I went to the shelf, it wasn't there! How can I find things that aren't where they say they are?
Shelvers try to reshelve books left out on the floor and at the check-in areas within 24 hours. There are reshelving areas on each floor where the books are gathered before they are reshelved. Patrons are welcome to look in these areas for items that aren't on the correct shelf. If you are looking for an article in a journal, ask at the Information Desk -- we may have access to it electronically.

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I just received the best service from one of your staff members! Who can I tell about it?
We are pleased that our staff has been helpful! The best way to compliment someone is to thank them directly. Or if you like, send us a message about the service you received. If you'd like to thank them more "officially," our Personnel Directory lists the supervisors and department heads for each area. This is the best person to tell if you've had a good experience with one of their employees.

Where do I go to make a complaint against a rude staff member at your Library?
We are very proud of our service to students and faculty here at the Edmon Low Library and appreciate your comments about our staff. If you have a complaint, we want to know so we can address the issue and remedy the situation. Feel free to contact their department head or a member of the administration with your concerns. Or if you like, send us a message about your complaint. The Library's Personnel Directory will help you identify their supervisor. Let us know when and where this incident happened. Providing information about the time of day and a brief description of the individual will help us identify whom you encountered so that we may speak with them to improve their future service to our patrons.

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Famous People

Where can I find more information about Chief Wilma P. Mankiller?
The OSU Library has collected some information about Chief Mankiller at http://www.library.okstate.edu/friends/endowments/mankiller.htm.